Good times are hoppin!

Hopper's Bouncies are fun and very afortable. We believe in renting quality products and maintaining excellent standards of service.

We are located in New Tampa Florida, 33647 near Bruce B. Downs Boulevard and Cross Creek Boulevard. We use "Yahoo driving directions" our street location we use is: 18191 east Meadows road, 33647

Please feel free to hop around our website. When you choose the bouncy or combo slide that fits your occasion you may reach us at; 813-385-1466

we welcome your emails at;

Delivery area?

   We deliver within the  New Tampa and surrounding areas. Within ( 20 ) driving miles from our location will deliver free of charge. Outside this area we have a service/delivery charge of between ( $10.00) to ( $20.00 ) dollars. These rates are based on the additional drive between ( 5 ) to ( 10 ) miles. Please give us a call to confirm the exact distance to your special occasion.


   Hopper's bouncies accepts most types of payments including CASH, CHECK or    CREDIT CARDS ( Visa and Mastercard, Discover and American Express ). When we arrive at your location we will accept payment due.

What types of surfaces can the equiptment be on?

   We can set up on most area's EXCEPT rock, gravel,stone, due to possible damage to the equiptment. 

Area setup?

   Hopper's Bouncies requires a free and unobstructed area to setup on. we ask that an area approximately ( 20' ) x ( 20' ) feet be used for the bouncy and nothing below  (18' )feet from the ground to accomodate the overall sizes of the equipment.

Our combo's "bouncehouse and slide" need an are of approximately ( 20' ) x ( 30') feet to accomodate the overall size of the equipment

Our water feature slides need an area of approximately ( 20' ) x ( 35' ) feet  to accomodate the overall size of the equipment.

How is the equipment cleaned and maintained?

   At every setup each unit is inspected by a Hopper's Bouncies representative and also by the renter/customer. Each unit is cleaned and sanitized. After every use. If you have any questions please contact Hopper's Bouncies.

Are pets allowed?

   NO. all animals must be secured for the duration of the event. We do ask that the area be free from any debris and animal feces and that any sprinklers be turned off.

Delivery needs from you?

   Hoppers Bouncies will setup everything rented and take down all the equipment. All we ask is that the area is clean and free from obstructions.

Do we need an electrical outlet?

   YES, our bouncies require electricity. We need an outlet within ( 90' ) feet for the setup area. Most homes have the strongest outlets outside and in the kitchen and bathrooms.  We will test the connection before we set up.

*if you do not have electric available Hoppers Bouncies does have generators to rent for an additional charge.

Do we need to supply the water for the water slides?

     YES, we ask that you have a water source that we can use within ( 30' ) feet. Hopper's Bouncies will supply the hoses and you also need to remember that the water needs to go somewhere when we take down the equiptment.

Where can we rent one?-not in city/county parks

   Almost anywhere excluding COUNTY PARKS. It is the responsiblity of the renter/customer to inform Hopper's Bouncies of the location. We may require additional time and setup to cover all the requirements that a location might ask of us.

* If you do rent a bouncy for a park of similar location you need to determine if the area will accept a bouncy and that electic outlet is available.

Inclement weather policies?

   If the weather is not favorable on the day of your event, Hopper's Bouncies will work with you to reschedule or cancel your reservation at no cost to you. On the day of your event as long as there is no storm present we will setup. We require payment in full at that time. If the weather changes Hopper's Bouncies is unable to refund/reimburse the rental customer.

What about Cancellations?

   We do not require a deposit as many other companies do. We do our business " IN GOOD FAITH". Please let us know as soon as you are aware that you need to cancel. Once our delivery truck has left the shop cancellation will not be allowed and payment will be due.

*Hopper's Bouncies has the right of refusal for anyreason and will inform all parties as to why we feel it is unsafe to set up a bouncy.

Agreements to rent our equipment?

 * We expect you to treat our equipment as if you purchased these products yourself. Any damage requiring repair that  cannot be attributed to "normal wear and tear" to the equipment will be the sole responsibility of the renter/customer. You will be charged for the excessive damage up to  and including the cost of a new replacement.

 * This statement in no way implies any legal responsibility of Hopper's Bouncies and KCSR Corporation. In reserving your equipment you will be required to sign a rental agreement and release of assumption of risk form that list specific terms and conditions of any rental from Hopper's Bouncies.

Hopper's Bouncies would like to thank you for choosing us to provide some fun and excitement for your special occasion.

                                                                               Thank You,

                                                                     KCSR CORPORATION